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7 TheiaPro App Enabled EyeGlasses Camera 1 Black will be released on 2016-05-15.

TheiaPro is equipped with a state of the art HD Camera. No more pulling out a device, opening app and focusing on camera to capture an image. Just look and capture with a press of a button.
Comes with a built-in flashlight, letting you make the most of your travel expeditions. Be it hiking or just a backyard night-out you can now focus on it, and not worry about searching flashlight or your smartphone app
Theia Pro comes with 3 MP Camera, 1080p FULL HD Video Recording, Wi-Fi Remote Control (10m), Expandable Memory (up to 32 GB)
Ergonomic Design and easy DIY installation with your existing glasses or shadesng about a change in the way we have been living our lives till now, its about how subtly the change is brought about. With the Theia PRO we have done just that and are taking your daily-wear glasses to the next level – a notch higher than its predecessor. Fusing technology with your daily-life activities, the Theia PRO makes you forget that it even exists on you, making it a integral part of YOU but all the while letting you do so much more by simply doing so less. Now take pictures, record videos, answer calls and much more without having to pull your smart p





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    I’m an amazon top reviewer and I’m looking to review some interesting items and gadgets on Amazon. I browsed Amazon and found that your listing has no helpful reviews yet with images and videos and thought that you might would be interested with providing items in deep discounted prices (or free like most sellers) for an honest and unbiased reviews.

    I will add pictures and video on amazon and my Youtube Channel to show the true nature of the item and help other customers get to know what they are buying or interested in, not just simple unboxing or technical details which gives nothing to the customers…

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