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Add to Calendar 08/10/2017 12:00 AM 08/10/2017 11:30 PM Europe/Paris AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X (12-core/24-thread) Desktop Processor (YD192XA8AEWOF) USA willbereleased false MM/DD/YYYY

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X (12-core/24-thread) Desktop Processor (YD192XA8AEWOF) will be released on 2017-08-10.

Incredible 12 Cores and 24 Threads of processing power
4.0 GHz Precision Boost (up to 4.2 GHz with XFR)
38MB of Cache Memory
64 PCIe Gen3 Lanes
Quad-Channel DDR4Overwhelming POWER Do everything, do it all at the same time, and do it without sacrificing responsiveness. Render. Stream. Compile. Encode. Work or Play. Real-World Productivity or Virtual Reality Entertainment. Threadripper has the power to overwhelm your most daunting workloads. Unrestrained POTENTIAL Add memory. Graphics cards. SSDs. Dial-up the clocks. With Incredibly fast Quad-Channel DDR4 Memory and 64 Lanes of PCI Express Gen3 on tap, it doesn’t matter. And Threadripper’s new platform is built to dominate now, and keep you on the bleeding edge of tomorrow.





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