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Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 500mm f/5.6E PF ED VR Super-Telephoto Lens will be released on 2018-09-13.

A fraction of the size of Most full-frame 500mm lenses
Specially designed phase Fresnel (pf) Lens element enables a compact design
Vibration reduction (VR) image stabilization for sharper and Steadier
Durable construction with advanced weather sealing, internal focus and Nikon’s nonstick fluorine coating

The super-telephoto lens has been reimagined in nikon’s smallest, lightest full-frame 500mm prime lens ever. Powered by Nikon proprietary Phase fresnel (pf) technology, this 9.2 inch, 3.2 pound powerhouse frees you to shoot wildlife, sports and action with unmatched mobility. Pack light, move fast and catch the shots others might miss. When photographing birds, wildlife, sports or action, mobility can make the difference between nailing the shot or missing it altogether. The AF-S NIKKOR 500mm f/5.6E PF ED VR is a fraction of the size of most full-frame 500mm lenses, freeing you to be as nimble as your subjects.





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