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Slive 4U Radio will be released on 2016-02-15.

Aside from S-Bubble, Slive is also popular because of Slive 4-U. After almost several years in the industry, Slive never fails all clients when it comes on providing best and high quality. Slive is indeed a dedicated company that aims to develop and manufacture better and high quality products. In line with this, one of our best products is called Slive 4-U, best emergency self-powered radio.

As of now, we are very happy that ALL clients found this product as a very useful and cool product. We underwent several researches and tests in order to finalize overall functionality, design and structure of this product. And now, we are very proud to present Slive 4-U.

During emergency situations, this product is very functional. Let us face it, there are things in life that happen such as disaster and accidents. In line with this, it is good to be always ready when these scenarios strike. Get Slive 4-U because you can use it as part of emergency tool kit. It is a self powered charger and a rechargeable flash light as well. It comes with stunning features that you’ll find useful.

It is also considered as stunning emergency phone charger. It is portable and you can also use it as an AM and FM radio. It is indeed a perfect survival/emergency tool that you must have. It also has a good siren system, adjustable flashlight and more. With its Smartphone’s charging system, you can charge your phone using its through USB cord, crank power and/or external AAA batteries.

Given all the features of the product, for sure, you’ve realized that it is not just a typical radio. It is a stunning NOAA weather radio, crank flashlight, siren and more. We used excellent technology in order to develop this kind of product. It is a perfect tool to use as part of disaster and emergency preparedness. It is highly recommended that you get this product and include it at your survival kit or emergency kit. By means of using this product, you can acquire needed information and power source as well.

When you buy this product, you can also get guaranteed one year Slive warranty, wrist strap, 3 feet USB up to small USB charging cable and a self powered AM/FM radio. It also has an excellent radio signal reception that also comes with LED indicator. You can also use its LED emergency flashlight that comes with two adjustable levels of brightness.

The stereo headphone output and siren of this product is also great. You are free to use it with built in headphone jack. The siren of this product is also good because it can help you alert more people.

So, are you interested to buy Slive 4-U? If you are now interested to buy Slive 4-U, it is highly recommended that you buy it from Amazon or contact us now and we guarantee that we can answer all your questions regarding on this matter. For more questions and suggestions then you must not hesitate to contact us. We commit ourselves to provide excellent customer service to all our clients.




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