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Sonus faber Venere 1.5 Bookshelf Speaker will be released on 2016-02-01.

The front positioning of the reflex conduct makes placement in the environment even easier and enhances the potential of the drivers thus generating sound that is fresh, fast and always very exciting.
The sloping front baffle, featuring curved lines, allows for perfect timing and effective ‘dialogue’ between the drivers, always ensuring an enthralling listening experience.
Particular attention was given to the stand with its tempered glass base and adjustable aluminum feet that provide fluidity of style but also functionality: they allow for the effective coupling to the floor, producing sound that is cleaner and more vivid.
This 2 way speaker, like all members of the Venere family, is easy to use and suitable for placement in a variety of 2 channel, multi-channel or home theater environments.Venere 1.5 is a bookshelf speaker with its own stand and characterized, like all models in the entire line, by the Lyre shape. Also for this model, the particular construction of the cabinet, a tribute to our flagship Aida, provides a solution to the problem of internal spurious resonance and gives a rear aerodynamic profile which prevents criticality with the wall behind the speaker.




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